They’re Counting on You Not Voting

They’re Counting on You Not Voting


Will we train when the time comes? Will we take the heavy lifting? Will we learn to organize? Will we learn to canvas? Will we take the time when the time comes to cast our lot for what can be the future, to be arranged in the systematic, electoral system?

What it will come to mean if you are actually on the scene, having passed out bumper stickers, having knocked on doors, having understand what it is to fundraise, having met new faces that are dreaming of new urban solutions and social steps to political stations. To meet and understand what might bite papers mean. To see those who forged the difference to be in between, but who have taken a stance and joined a team.

Sitting down in the Obama scene, sitting down and hearing the Clintons sing. Sitting down and seeing McCain beat the cane. Sitting down and seeing the political landscape rearranged. The testimonial will be those who begin to fight. Those who will stand up and see and attempt to do what’s right. Not to just stand up on the side, but those who take their children out so that they can learn to walk in stride for something that will be bigger than them. For something that they will say what they’ve done. For something they can look back on and add to the sum of the character that they have just begun.

Standing tall among those who are actually small. Taking a time to vote and not be a flower on the wall. Taking the very stance on knowing what you must do. Taking a position and getting involved too. Yes the involvement of knocking on the door. Yes the involvement of taking those to register so they can soar. Yes taking the time to educate so you can mitigate the situation that’s causing the frustration the leads to the annihilation of dreams, the destruction of teams. The destruction of what it means to be alive and understand that if you don’t take a vote and begin to create results that they don’t anticipate that you have a stake but you can’t exasperate yourself from the gasping sounds of not being around by complaining no you must get involved today, you must not stay away. There will not be another way for this day is yours and its important to know that there are brothers and sisters that are in tow that are working to make a difference too and other people from generations wanting to change too.

To see the landscape that will be both black and white. To see the landscape of generations that want to make it right. To see the landscape that will have issues of healthcare, economics, and war too. Yes that agenda will be set, but it will not be set by you? Will you take the time to analyze your mind but not sit up and be in your head when you need to vote instead of acting dead?

So here it is in a station you were looking for a role model to have and a reason for registration. Oh, of course, here he is, man alive, its Barack Obama and he has the prize. He hails from two places that we both know. A black man and then a white soul to go. Or maybe it is just a remake of the Clinton administration that you want to know, maybe you think Hillary Clinton is the way to go. Don’t worry about who it is that you choose to be with this time. Take the time remind your mind that you must be involved and that counts the most you see. It’s what you do to make a difference for those who are choosing to stand on the sides and see. No you take action for success is borne in action today. Don’t wait for your mind, it can leave you in yesterday, talking about what was, but now its time to make it what is. Make it come alive so that you can win the prize, so that you can make the day, so that you can change the system to look at least and address your way. But if you know no one, met nobody on the way you will wake up and have the same as yesterday.

So here it is what you plan to do. If you are tired of war then you have to vote too. If you are tired of unemployment then take a stand. Get involved, recruit and handle the phone banks and know what to do. Go door to door and learn neighborhoods you’ve never seen. Volunteer, go across the world; know what it means to be an organizer of peace, of change. Know that only if you do something different will you will be able to arrange what was yesterday will still lie there for you if you don’t get off your yesterday and make today a place for you.

So the countdown has begun those who want to participate are going to be a part of the sum, those who sit on the bench and wait will be too late when they realize that they’ve missed the prize and so time has gone no one knows exactly what you can do. And all of the good friends that you have made in tow at what they can do, yes they will have already made a difference too. But you can do so much if you would choose and move your will. Stop sitting there complaining, move and distill the integrity of the person and the character inside of you. Remake your self. Vote. Register. Move somebody and take somebody with you. Peace.


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