Poem 2


I felt you when you were invisible and you touched me here today.

I saw your face in my mind and I elected for you to stay.


I walked and talked with you and no one could hear what I was saying you see.

For I moved my mind and moved my mind’s mouth and you even talk back to me.


I played those things that you said to me inside and the things that you encouraged me to do.

I could hear you talking to me while I walked without you.


Oh yes, then I felt your hug as you said goodbye to me.

I remember how we said we would see each other later and knew exactly what you meant to me.


I am here holding you just closer to me now.


For you can’t be here at this moment you see.

But inside my head I hold a picture of just how I held you and what it felt like to me. I remember those words that you said to me.


I hear them in my head right now.


I remember the conversation that impressed me about you.

I wondered inside oh wow.


I played that tape just to remember the very moment that you meant so much to me.

To remind me how beautiful you are and the things that you choose to share with me.


I remember the day that I was feeling lonely and you called just to say hello.

I wonder how you had come to think of me as I was thinking of you and then you make me glow.


Oh I remember how my eyes feel when I think of what you do to make me laugh.

How I could barely hold anything inside.

There is business conducted but it didn’t mean anything to you.

It made me want to laugh out loud but I kept my head and I decided to record it deep inside of me so I could always remember what you said.


The smile comes out when I do this you see for it meant so much to me then and now too. Because when you say beautiful things and I think of you I wonder what you do.


And then I think of the times that you chose to unwind and share what was in your head. And you repeat back to me the things that I think and the words and the conversation that I have in my head.


So even when I am not talking to you and I know that I am hearing your voice and I am glad that you are sharing with me. And that you hear my voice as your choice.

The choice that’s inside and both of use ride this life cycle as it does go on.

But it is wonderful to know that even when I am walking in tow that you are always coming along.


So take this moment and know as I have said inside hello and how do you do? And know that I remember the very tone and the first time that I said to you I love you.


So I am pinning this note just so that you can hear the throat inside my head as I have said each day that I am glad that I no longer walk the earth alone and I know that you make each and everyone of my days.


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