The phone rings and you say hello and express how much you do care, then they say what are you doing and then they say thinking of you about and thinking of everywhere. Who would have ever thought that in the moment of disrepair people would reject the idea that you really did call because you care. Expressions of concern and expressions of contempt, the annihilation of love and the beginning of discontent.


As we ring the phone or shoot an email to a friend or a lover each day. The concept of why we did it comes and often gets in the way. We are not sure or certain anymore that the obvious is obvious or real. It impedes our ability to see truth or just accept what is real. Real for that moment, real for that matter, not concretely laid for some foundation of tomorrow you see, but instead, just a moment to refresh and say hey I am thinking of you and me.


Rivaling expectations and not falling prey to expectations, we really need to understand the meaning of the notion of just thinking at that moment for someone’s heart is in our hand. Yes it is important that we do not deceive in our cause. But just those things that are small I think of you shouldn’t seem so tall. Don’t exaggerate the intentions of others, don’t engage yourself when they actually express concern or care. Take the moment to receive love and understand that it comes from everywhere.


A smile to those who are around you. A hug to those who might need one too is just an example of how you can express care without playing and becoming, married, engaged, and estranged by expressing methodologies of care and concern. Sure there are parameters by which we will not smile and hug strangers but those who we do care about, let them understand what and how you do express your concern so they will know what your love is all about. No it shouldn’t be a word of discontent; no it shouldn’t be in anger or embarrassment. But it should express how you express your love and concern for others so that they can prepare themselves to receive the dynamics of your personality, to understand the methodology of your expression of friendship, acquaintance and association. When you do delineate your parameters and expressions of concern, you will also allow others to shed their disbelief of you really thinking about them. Be true to your expressions of concern; lay true your claims of when you express how you feel. Remember those expressions for others might hold on or make them deeper for how they truly are. When this happens, be engaging in a manner where you talk about feelings and openly express to those things that could add contempt, disrespect, or jealousy in the future. Lay claim and hold on to true expressions of care and concern. For others need to learn through books that are nice, articles that can engage and express how you feel in the words that are not just yours but as professionals learning to share the psychological perspectives of care and concern in a world where in nanoseconds, emails destroy and build worlds. So take the time to spread love and share positive-ness and yet create larger dialogue about emotions of care and concern for others so that their parameter and stealing their paradigm, their point of view, can be honest without it being sarcastic, cynical or feeling as though there is a air of contempt for even expressing love and concern for others. In a chilling world, where personalities and celebrities seem to be doted upon and the common and familiar person seems to receive less and less love, less based on their VIP status, instead of more just on being a human being that has a need of just one more smile, one more word to support the hope that they have for the life that is inside their head and the true beauty that comes from you being kind. Share love and perspective and concern today for we need it and it will help the world to heal and to create a better tomorrow today. Peace.




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