Don’t Stop Yourself

Don’t Stop Yourself


To hear the sound of the rock as it drops on the ground. To feel the vibration from all around. To know the moon that reflects on the ocean sea. To know the darkness that can come between me and thee. To understand the movement of stillness that you can’t see. To see an imagination that will let you know who you can be. And the transmutation that happens within. The reclaiming of who you are again. To realize that the question inside has become the answer that is inside too. The vision of yourself and what you must do.

The glass is never half empty nor is it half full. It is full for those who understand that their cup runneth over everyday that they choose. The only time it’s half full is when you choose to half loose. When you see that there is just half a good day. When you see things that they are just halfway going your way. When you are just half of what you should be. When you are half of and believe in only half of what I am to myself and me.

There are dark days that seem to be in your face. But if you are the sunshine, you can easily erase. When there seems to be nobody there’s always somebody if you choose. Value inside you is that you must never lose. The ownership of being someone to more than you know. They are always looking to you so that you can bestow a smile or encouragement just so that they can be full. Your being full helps to pull others so that they can be full too. They look to you and aspire what to do.

There are stations that we should be able to hear. Positive, motivating and strategic to your ear. You cannot hear the negativity that many may see. There is no such thing a bad day. No it’s a day that had challenges that seems to be on you. But before you’re finished, it’s a new day and then there is a new you. So don’t let the darkness that you might see on a bright day think that it’s coming your way. Know that there are dark days that are always around. Particularly if your face has a scowl or a frown. So don’t put them on your face for even inside you should always be able to erase something that tells you that you are you no good, something that you have been misunderstood. Know that you are not a loser but a winner today. It’s in your attitude so give yourself an A. Know that you’re brave and have courage too. The ABC’s – attitudes, bravery and courage– will do. Know that you are never dumb but you are disciplined inside. Know that it’s not easy like an E but you are always friendly and you can be the prize. Know that there is a G for goodness that represents what you are. Know that there is a heaven that you can reach up inside and make it in this world for star. Know that the I says there is an intelligent side to you. You can think of anything and then know what to do. Know that the there is a J for there is a job to be done. When you have to do something special so remember there is a purpose son. Know that there’s an L, you are going to have the legend and the longevity to make it through. Know that there is a K for knowledge and then that will give you the strength to make it through. Know that there are more letters than you know what to do. Double them up and add them again to you. And then you can start all over again for there is a letter that means something positive that you can grow within. Keep one in your pocket and write it down. See positivity at everything around. Make and change in someone’s day and make them feel good. Know that if there’s an argument then someone is just misunderstood. Be kind to yourself and others and there will always be a win for you. And remember someone always loves you even if you haven’t heard it so you’ll make it through. So even in the darkness, it is really a little bit light. And when you believe its really always very bright. Peace.



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