Plant Forth

Plant Forth


Sail forth the wind of love as it pushes its way into our life each day. The romantic fever that spreads during spring is coming your way. Pray tell say the flowers as they begin to bloom; the bees and the pollen begin to swoon. The sneezes are love glances as they are going in the head. The flowers grow beautiful ands they begin to dazzle our head. And the verses and the beautiful sense that begin to flow. It is the establishment of love as it begins to grow. New babies are all forming for they are now coming forth in flow. And the season of new beginning starts again.

From barren places in our heart, there must be a start. For love is like the flower that is blooming, it comes through the bark. And then there is the beginning of what will be a lovely relationship you see. The blossoming of love and the idea of it will come to be. For mysteries of love will last through the season each day. But memories of the committed are what really must stay.

There are those who will take relationships as light as a butterfly. To flutter here and there and not realize that the sanction of being able to fly and flutter in the air is often a short lived idea of what it is if love is just fashioning there. To hold something long is like to grow love in a tree. Or 100 years from now there is a still a birds nest to be. No its love that is happening for spring is in the air. We must recommit to love and understand her beauty as she does stare. She looks us in our face as the spring does come to and fro– the lilies, the daffodils, the roses as they grow. They are the gardens that we will give away; they are the ones that will come and say, “I love you.” For here is beauty, the Garden of Eden all for you. Utopia–just listen to me, “I am the love that you choose to do.”

But in love there is always a funny kind of scent, it strives to be the difference between rose and even a mint. It is the smell of a permanence that we’d like to keep in the air. The beauty that his there when love is in despair. But love like any garden must be toiled everyday. Love like any garden must be cultivated in a special way. For there are those weeds that will come and get in the way. There is jealousy, mystery dysfunction that can come into play.

Fashion a garden inside your head and your heart. Plant those things that you want to finish not just start. For many cannot take you coming with some crazy variety, planting it in their heart and mind and then not wanting to toil or to prune the tree. To bear fruit in the world in a place of love its like honey dew or peaches in a tee. Everybody wants the beautiful fruit but who can take the mystery? For the fruit that loves bears beyond children last only for a while. Then you must re-fertilize, till the green, and wait for another while. Love is always in bloom but you cannot always see it you see. You need to ask for somebody who will love you and let them choose to be. In your life each day for love does not go away; it is waiting for you to come plant it and get started creating a garden today. Each time that we find the person in our life not just in love; love grows for everybody in our lives and it surely needs love touched with no gloves. So you have the time to plant the seeds of garden each day. Seeds of love that will grow and grow in a special way. You are the garden in the minds of others who want to be in love. Just remember when you plant those seeds their futures are part of what you would say. They want love to come and be in a special way.


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