Life Remix

Life Remix


We can’t give what we never heard some say. But we can give when it comes to love to make a life a better and a particular way. We can think of what our parents did or did not do. We can give good days to others so that they can know that there is something new. Our parents may have done the best that they can do. That will leave those things great that you and I can choose to do. We don’t have to do exactly what was done to you and I. We can record the mystery and make and understand why. We can share the value of change just a generation at a time. We can allow each other to know and love and embrace and show the value of being kind. Time serves as a puzzle-solver if we just understand each day. To do our part and make a new start and being inventive and choose to go a different way. There are those who started their lives and had no idea what to do. But now that they know it seems like it will come closer to being just you. Closer to not replicate the horrors that we see each day. Closer to breaking cycles that speak to us in a vicious way. From teen pregnancy to father abandonment, to just low self-esteem period each day has come along. It’s created a very difficult place for us to be horrible love song.

For we took the time and began to identify those things that we thought we had done in love. Attitudes and arguments that we said are how we approach our day. But there is a new and a different way. Conversation that leads to understanding, piercing words that can encourage instead of hurt are valued more. We should begin to open ourselves up and be transparent, be an invisible door. Not putting up shades that would keep others out as they wanted to shine in our lives each day. Being not afraid to change who we are so that we can move in a special way.

Here we find our lights that have come on inside our heads that tell us things that can and cannot be true. So we need to understand how our heads are fed. Where do we get the value system that we have used till this day? What do our friends encourage us to do and what are we going to do special today?  How will we not be children of yesterday living as adults as we analyze and think about what we’ll do? Whose lives will we touch and change because we want to be a better me and you

Here we are thinking of the cycle of love that has come our way. Make sure you make the best of it don’t do or hurt yourself in any way. Most of all don’t hurt others either for they are depending on your love and understanding to be true. Break the cycle, change who you are, be the best of you. Let others be able to understand that they can count on you too. For when you do your best it shows the world the possibilities for all of us to do. Peace


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