Poem 3

Just take the time to think about the naming of the day. Take the time to understand why they named it good in a special way. Good plays a role in every single day. Even from the beginning, even to the end, they want and have always wanted for you to win. The winning spirit of being good follows us each and every day. The idea starts when we start our day. Good morning to you is the echo of today and people you meet on the street know to say and give you good morning as they greet you and hope that something good happens to you right then that there is a feeling that stimulates you from within that will create good in everything that you do and in everyone that you come pass you will remember to say to the same to them that you have had and heard said to you, “Good morning” as you move through the morning, sun feeling it in your face in greeting someone. Oh where hast thou gone oh dear good? Even when you are feeling bad, the morning will start with a good morning to you there are those who hope you get past the bad day. They hope you hear more good than bad as you move along your way.

Yes, good morning and then it is time to eat. You will have lunch and there will be another greet as you move throughout the day. The challenges that will come and you’ll face and overcome as they move your way. Someone will see you and then they will say “Good afternoon.” Then it will seem as though it has become a great song that someone has begun to croon. They will say “Good afternoon.” The struggles and torments and even a little procrastination making you feel like you won’t reach your destination of moving through the day without haste or time or someone not being kind, but you will see someone halfway through and they will say “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” to you for it is a trial each and every day to make it through for someone knew that we had to have something to say so halfway through they said, “Good afternoon,” hoping that you would understand that good is coming your way that they were actually reaffirming that you are going to have a good day. Halfway through you wouldn’t even have to worry not at all for someone would stand up and say “Good afternoon,” after all you deserve to have a great and good day. So there are good things that even if you don’t know are coming your way.

So in the culmination of your day you see and you have begun to worry about what is going to happen or to be and before you can take your troubles to your sleep, there is someone who will be happy to say what you really should meet in your dreams and prayers and everything before the end of the day someone will say “Good night” and hope that you dream and have pleasantries and be sent on your way. Yes, it started with a kiss and even maybe a story you see. The story so that you could see the Glory that was coming for you to be the people and the overcoming of all things that will come your way. The stories that will tell you how to be a good person and make it though any kind of adversity each day. Oh they were rhymes and stories and beautiful prayers as you were sent on your way to dream of infinite and great possibilities and the goodness that you were going to bring the next day.

And so with a kiss on the forehead and a little tug on a sheet or a blanket you see. Your dreams were met with love and a good night as a good treat. So know that the goodness always ring in our ear. Know that good things are always coming so have no fear. So goodness plastered throughout our mind for all of our life you see, for someone has something good to say about you so understand that is how it is going to be so understand that before and after you there was always good each day. And you can remember to share “Good morning,” “ Good afternoon,” “Good night” in a more special way. Share good and be good to those so that they too can see the good in you. Peace.




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