Hip-hop and voting for ignorance, social exchange



Voting and the hip-hop discrimination that happens by both parties, both Democrat and Republican, can be seen as you look at high impact sites that are actually reaching the demographic that is not selectively picked by those who mask their intelligence of the African American community. Their mask of intelligence is also suppressing the vote from those individuals 18-35 and even older. It is amazing that Democratic and Republican political analysts have disregarded the entire African American diaspora that has taken place on the internet with places like Bossip and individual places like Fashion Bomb, rollingout.com and many others like Ebony. It’s amazing and unfortunate that political analysts have decided that presence on these sites is not required. It is also important to recognize that terrestrial radio, urban black radio as they like to say, has been the place that they’ve gone. Instead of being honest about the transition that is really occurring within the urban mediascape, the political analysts go back to playbooks that reach back to the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Hip-hop, reality, lacking of ignorance is a population and popularity contest which reigns in the king and queen of emptiness. We might be liking the wrong thing in our ability to follow pied pipers and personalities that are driving a wedge between intelligent exchange, information exchange and then the ignorance exchange. The careful poisoning of our entire community could be done through the liking and exchanging of ideas that could put in peril the intelligence or the conversation of intellectual persuasion toward the advancement of academic and economic performances that need to happen within the African American landscape. Our liking or preoccupation with liking or getting information that entertains or more so titillates, not the intellectual growth of our understanding of economics nor does it grow our understanding of health, instead it grows the very humorous aspect of what might have been something that was very ignorant to even exchange in the first place. The laugh and the joke are obviously on us. There has been a systematic hiring of non-African Americans in Silicone Valley and yet the rage of such insulting economic discrimination is silent on the exchanges that are happening on social media platforms. It is silent or less evident in the very conversation of talking heads.

There is very little asked of major corporations and/or major thought provoking influencers on social media platforms as to what to do about the discriminations that is occurring in Silicone Valley or what to do about the lack of intelligence or intellectual debates, intellectual forums, intellectual and economic progress being made in the African American community. Even the Wall Street Journal publishes articles that state that the advancement of African Americans through small business loans is decreasing. The advancement of African American businesses that house or employ more than ten is decreasing and yet there is silence on the Internet as it relates to the true advancement of the African American community. The advancement of us through technology is not stating or advancing an entire community instead forums and words are creating things like Chi-raq as a term that is used to describe a situation that only hits African Americans in the Chicago region. There are other issues where cities that were African American, chocolate utopias no longer being so. D.C. and Detroit no longer have or will have an African American population in the next decade. Instead, the populations will be increasingly no longer African American yet the silence of this transformation is not being heard and yet we like and follow hundreds and thousands of individuals whose purpose is only to entertain, whose purpose creates no asset in our bank accounts or our mind banks that will empower us to advance our careers, our health and even our creativity in a lasting sense.

It is the instant gratification that allows us to be ignorant. The ignorance exchange has been created and it is pushed by many individuals as acceptable social behavior that should be enjoyed and sometimes often to our own demise rewarded. It is the ignorance exchange that continues to suggest that there was something funny about Ray Rice punching his wife. It was the instant ignorance exchange that suggested there was something really  strong about a song that used the N-word five times and then we’re surprised when after using all the mind set that we have had after using it all the time and media coverage that it was that a person is dropped from their label. It is the same as the information ignorance exchange that labels convicted felons or drug users or drug pushers to suggest this is a street cred value and this is how you become a part of the entertainment community. No longer do we hear or we will know that this is not the method for reaching or achieving success. Enslaving our community with drugs or violence does not encourage intellectual discussion. Instead, it encourages fear and death as a main course of African American life. Who would order such a thing but someone with a very meticulous, intelligent, insidious conspiracy to create a population that exchanges ignorance as currency and feels as though they’re banking something that will last a lifetime while taking thousands and millions to their doom based on the lack of true intelligence or information that would move a generation forward. It is amazing that coding is not a part of the likes or dislikes, who coded the best program today. It is a shame that saving money or how to move and exchange money in the African American community, like Maggie Anderson, has not become the voice of African Americans. No one pauses to ask even major celebrities who or what they are spending their money with and for, how many African Americans do you employ. There is no like or dislike on their social media profiles so that we can evaluate those who are truly helping to advance our community or hurt.

Worst off is the very voting, the silence of influencers, social media influencers posting and encouraging everyone to vote in these last two to three days. There seems to be something absent in our community as it relates to intelligence or intelligent exchange. In it, ignorance exchange has dominated to the point where being intelligent and thoughtful is not the biggest win, instead you start your morning off on a comedy diet, end your evening with a Black-ish comedy diet and then cry when you have to pay your bills based on the fact that your brother, sister or cousin is not employed and you must share some of your wealth with a situation that led to the creation of thoughts, the creation of jump-offs and the creation of temporary relationships that lead to children without fathers and mothers who will not work together for the benefit of the child that they made by mistake while enjoying temporary reality of love or lack of love, just titillation. The ignorance exchange has created these thought, jump-off loves. It has rewarded a community with nothing but the pain of laughing at itself on reality TV and asking why isn’t a black college sweatshirt or an intellectual person being seen on television at all? Where is the black professor or black doctor that we hope to see and would like to see and yet it it’s not being given to ourselves even by ourselves when we’re the creator. The titillation and insult continues as we have to exchange and accept the fact that our women who have been taken from us as the creator of the show mark and unify them only with white men as lovers and husbands and they cry for them, they die for them, they do mean and evil things for them and yet it leaves brothers on the sidelines. The information and evil exchange seems to create a peril for African Americans not to see themselves in the voice they would like or to interpret themselves even by creators in a way that would lead for us coming out in mass of votes that we did only to vote for one man. We must begin to vote for ourselves, our intelligence and our exchange for a better community requires that we stop voting for ignorance and stop acting ignorant and getting rewarded with a like. Social media and its affect to perpetuate fraudulent, ignorant exchange might be more detrimental to our mindset than anything else. It is mental petulance and on a mega scale for ignorance is often hard to erase from the memory or the mind or behavior of an entire community.