Fall is the season of self-change

IMG_4400 (1) Fall is here. Can we feel the falling in the season inside? Fall as winter waits for its breath to freeze those moments in time. Frozen for the trees will no longer bear fruit. Frozen for those very ideas that the slow warmth that once grasped the air no longer holds true, but fall says something different. The colors of things change for me and for you. How can we fathom the falling when we choose not to fall inside ourselves? Fall offers an opportunity for how we look at the falling that we do, both you and me. Fall is for falling and the value of gravity —what does it say about our lives, our energy, and our time and where we should be. Falling colors and fall colors spend a tale of tales you see, from Halloween to Thanksgiving the colors mean and say something to each one of us. It meets us in our spiritual value of what needs to be a housekeeping job inside. It falls upon what was once green, turns brown, then rust and then the very barren reality of foliage and cover hides. Then the branches like skeletons of long angular testicular vessels still hold their ground not falling like gravity. The branches of the tree don’t fall down, but it lets go of what once was there to feed the birds and the bees. The cover and the shade that it had for others, it moves and it does please for it grows stronger in the light as time does change. The temperatures take their toll but the branches still remain. Is this time that the weight of the snow will bear deep on the body you see. The body of the tree will know its strength once spring does once come to be. All but falling is a falling tale of humans that fall down. What are the lessons that we must learn as fall comes into our life? A compound? The compounded idea that we must change and change we must see. For we must interpret the fall for ourselves and take a time to pause for our fall, both you and me. We fall when we fail to understand that changes do occur each day but what changes will we choose for ourselves as fall comes our way? We know that we will need warmth from someplace. Will we warm ourselves as we’ve fallen down? Will we see that we can get back up just like the trees that will grow from brown? They’ll grow green someday. It might not be right now but green is coming too. Will we look at how we fall down and see that this is true? There will be others who may not be introspective but the hibernation that comes with this time as when bears snuggle and eat and rest and leave yesterday behind. Oh yes, the fall trails that we can play in the leaves you see. We must look at how we’ve fallen down and find there is a place to smile with glee. Painful smiles are often wrought with memories we need to let go. So let them fall with gentle prayers and know that they must go. Oh yes, those tragedies that we’ve seen must be put aside. No, we’re not going to stay hidden but no let them go rake them up, bag them and say goodbye. Falling times of arguments, falling times of misunderstandings too, falling times of not coming in first those things happen to me and you. You must let those falling times just fall, fall, fall away. For there is still sunshine that meets each fall day. It raises up bright enough for us to see what might lie ahead. Those things that we can do, that we didn’t do so we move in fall instead. We know that falling has happened and the leaves obey gravity, for they no longer are on the tree, they’ve fallen you see. Gravity does take its hold for both you and me. Our faces, our eyes, our limbs you see will soon find that place to be but before we rest we must do our best to understand just the fall in general each day. To hold a leaf, to see it in our hand and to know that it will come back our way. Opportunity is the same. It will grow again and again. So if you’ve fallen, missed a step know that you can get back up and begin again. Oh fall is a time that we find spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin too. The breads and the jams and the welcomeness that warmth is what we should think about too. So for whatever the matter is come your way, whatever depression has seemed to say, whatever doubt would cast you to think, let them to fall away. Whatever the message that is in your head that makes you feel that you have fallen instead. Pick up something new inside your head and know sunshine is shining bright too. Let the sun rays you see be the guiding light for you and me to understand that fall just means to think too, though we will get back up and start anew and fall will leave too. Peace.