Fashion Tips for the taller man

Being tall in men is admirable and adored by women. Tall and broad physique is considered to be sexy and appealing. Apparently it seems that taller men could avail more fashion options in apparels and other fashion accessories.

Taller men are neglected the most when comes to men’s fashion. Men’s style tips given below are especially hand picked to serve as the tips for tall men so that their shopping dilemma can be solved.

Prefer Horizontal Lines Over Vertical Ones:

Horizontal lines cause an illusion of width rather vertical stripes create an effect of height. Wear Big Patterns:

Choose Wider Neckties and Lapels:

Selecting the wider incarnations in neckties, lapels and other fashion accessories can create an illusion of width.

Avoid Wearing Uncuffed Pants:

Uncuffed pants give an effect of height. So tall men should avoid wearing uncuffed pants. Similarly the suits with too many buttons are not meant for taller men.