Lovers Know Heat Isn’t All Heart

There’s no remote hiding place where love will evade our sights you see.
There’s no place that love should shrink and shrivel until it ceases not be.
But the hooligans that rob love of it’s meaning in an obscene and vulgar way
Discourage those of us who want to live in love everyday.
We fashion love within the confines of space and time
In a healing form, a potion of feelings so sublime,
Love that creates a security blanket to surround
Love that can be at peace and always found.

Sex disguised as love destroys so many things.
Sex in the name of love is little more than a fling.
We ponder the source of those deep waters within
Mothers love their children until the bitter end.
But in the name of love and since it is supposedly blind
We also lie to them in an attempt to shape their minds.
We fill their heads with all the possibilities we see
But allow them to be slackers in life
Yet, we contend that they can still be.

Our love does lie and why should we believe
The things that we see, but fail to achieve.
Love cannot dissipate or eliminate.
But it is true it can conquer hate.
But in the darkness that you can see
Know he’s not going to change, nor is she.
So why do we stay in the season or the name of love?
And a gift floated from above.
All of a sudden we aspire to a dishonest love

Why would we stay when brutality is part of the plan
Why would we say that we love someone who financially hurts us with their own hand.
Knowingly passing a disease or embarking on that path
Of addiction too
Fully aware that they could give something to you.

Who was it that said love can be shared?
And why are we insecure about the love that does dare?
Why are we afraid to admit that if we don’t just want to be With one woman or one man
That even then honesty can still be a part of the plan?

Where is it that love does begin the day
What is it that love means, for it’s an action word in play.
Hopefully you’ll find a way to love more than yourself that way..
Hopefully you’ll get that not loving yourself is self-destructive anyway.
Hopefully you’ll find the place where love does live
And others will see the love in your smile
And maybe want to stay a little while
And maybe even someday have your child.

If you can convince your lover to stay
On the condition of taking care of the child everyday
But if you choose to lay down
Without those guarantees
Don’t point the finger of blame and frown
When you settle for something less than love

The laying down is not love you see.
The laying down is fornication at best
And thoughtlessness none the less.
So let us understand what love is
It is the care and  concern
It’s the hand that feeds the hungry
And the prayers we pray for others
And looking out for one another
And loving each in turn.

It’s the poetry we write
In the depths of the night,
And the truths that we dare
To bring into the light.
It’s the memories we make.
It’s less of the material
And more of the spiritual.
It’s the thing that’s supreme
And utterly ethereal.
It’s the words in the love stories
That add meaning to the story
Of true romance and God’s glory.

It’s the things that last and don’t pass.
And it’s the truth when you take off the blinders and see
It’s the brave who go along for the ride
And it’s the person who shows you their true self
And won’t cower or hide
It’s the life that we want to live, and where I choose to stay
Here in the presence of love everyday.
Hopefully you’ll experience love and share it.
Cherish it and it will grow
And make loving the status quo.

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