Tag Heuer Luxury Phones

After Tag Heuer managed to carve out a total niche for itself in the arena of luxury watches, its latest samples of craftsmanship seems to be inkling towards mobile handsets. We have previously seen some samples like the racer smart phone link series white lizard and also the black leather link phone. Following a similar trend with a more varied and vibrant series of fabrication, the designer brand has created the Manufacture series, which perhaps is the extension of the LINK which was introduced last year. There are 5 new looks, but all with the same haute couture categorization of the Tag Heuer brand.

Like we mentioned last year, Tag Heuer isn’t something animal lovers would enjoy, but just fashionistas alone. This time, they have used the similar look to black calf leather and yellow gold for a beefed up aesthetic feel, but a new additional as well. The chequered design of carbon fiber makes reappearance along with the leather and yellow gold. This gives it a rather sporty feel on front. Dubbed the Sellier, it’s priced at €5,700 ($7,504) each.