Q&A With Actor Don Cheadle

When I have the house to myself Iit involves nudity. Okay, I beat the dog.

Comedy ishard. With drama, there’s always these big emotional swings that you can count on if they’re done well. Comedy? What’s funny six months ago may be passé when you come out.

My favorite meal iswhatever my wife cooks. I eat everything.

Therapy isactually a sign of strength. We need to check in a lot of times. Especially as parents, and people in committed relationships. Sometimes you need help.

Having a shrink for a dad wasfine. I imagine there was a lot more talking it out in my family than there was in other families. It was always really important that you got to express yourself—respectfully. You had to check your tone.

Art isindefinable, but important.

Money isunfortunate, but necessary.

The Wall Street movement isactually all over the country, isn’t it? I think it started across the great waters [Europe] before here and then the Arab Spring. All over the world there’s a feeling that the people are saying, “F*#k that,” and trying to take it back.  

The Oscars areboring.

Travel iscurious.

Darfur isperilous.

Genius isa feeling in the right proportion.

iPhone or BlackBerryBlackBerry.

Boxers or briefsI wear a combination boxer brief.

My personal style isI don’t have a uniform. Dressing up is all right, but you should always wear clothes that allow you to squat, kick, and jack a fence.

 I’m listening toMiles always. Black Milk. A lot of old-school hip-hop. Coltrane.

A day of bliss isget up in the morning. Kiss my wife. My daughter would drive me to her school. I would whip Sam Jackson’s ass on the golf course (has never happened). Have a great lunch. Practice the trumpet. Get in some writing. Pick my kids up. Have dinner. Watch a movie.

Utopia isKush.

Freedom isnot free.