Ne-Yo Launches New Hat Collection At Saks

A few weeks ago, R&B Crooner Ne-Yo unveiled his new hat line at Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. The name of the hat line is called Francis Ellargo. We asked Ne-Yo why he wanted to create the line and he said, he is known for wearing hats all the time. When he was in high school he would get into trouble for wearing them but eventually the faculty let him slide because he refused to take his hats off, he said. He came up with the name Francis Ellargo because he thought it sound very cool.

At the launch event at Saks, shoppers got to get 10% off of their hat purchase and those proceeds were donated to his Compound Foundation. It was held on the upper level in the Men’s store section. In attendance was his fiance Monyetta Shaw and some of his artists. Check out the line of hats that were on display at the event. Ne-Yo plans on launching a full line of different styles of hats in the new year. The hats retail for $128



photo credit: talkingwithtami


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