Black LOVE: Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union Cover Essence Magazine

I love to see people in LOVE! Check out Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union covering Essence Magazine. Black love, you gotta love it! We need to see more of this! Gabby is so sweet and I have had the pleasure of being around her a few times and interviewing her, she is the nicest and prettiest lady! She has a nice figure and I was telling that to someone on twitter the other day! Go guys love your photos and the vibrant color choices! It’s also very rare to see a couple with the same shade of color lol. I know they are ecstatic they cant actually show their love for each other now! xoxo

“We’re not rushing it. Both of us have been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both took failing at marriage hard. The next time it’s gotta be forever…” — Dwyane Wade