Customized Jet-Skis

Venom Design gold plated jet ski

When the waters are calm and gentle on the ever expanding horizon of the oceans, one does have inkling to take on a fast paced ride in the waters or race amongst a few folks to enjoy the speed thrills. The most common way is through jet skies, which have also turned out in luxurious forms such as the Ferretti Reva Virtus 63,Thiery Mugler Spire boat, and even the ultra-sporty Corvette Powerboat all of which are ideal compliments to the heavily endowed luxury yachts. For those who are in the mood for beach holiday and sea cruises, the Venom Design customized jet skies are here to spoil them for choice.

The USP which Venom Design has relied upon heavily is the customization factor, due to which it allows the use of multiple color options (32 of them in all), along with a host of exotic fabrics such as alligator, crocodile, or ostrich leather other than carbon fiber for those who like the super sporty, yet ultra-light feel to their jet skies.

The color combinations with the seating styles can vary too. With 32 apparent options, there is always a choice of that one may like from the palette. A few of them are on display at the end of this article. For seating styles, one can choose from quilted, rolled, chesterfield, and plain arrangements to complete their comfort of sitting on the vehicle.

The biggest advantage the company is offering is the whole plethora of vehicles on which they can work on. Whether it’s a jet-ski, a Seadoo, or even the Yamaha water scooters, Venom Design can help transform them exactly the way you would like them to do, or even suggest the best compliment to your luxury yacht. Customizations like name or logo stitching on the seats, or even multi-colored deck and foot paddles can be put in too for $1,618. However, should a total unit be needed to created, price could go towards $14,563 for each water jet ski.