Arran Gregory “Wolf Exhibition”

The name of the exhibition stems from the show’s main piece, a life size fiber glass wolf sculpture. Arran’s wolf could remind you of some old fashioned video-games or a graphic rendering, but at the same time it is out there in the real world. Its image has been idealised and digitalised. But the idea of the wild, of the perfection of nature is still there.

The Wolf become one with the surroundings, reflecting its placed context, it has no eyes, no mouth, no claws, no fur, its features are outlined and emphasized although simplified by the trianglar mirror prisms. The wolf is a wild animal but Arran’s sculpture looks like the product of the imagination of a machine made it real.

Arran’s work underlines the beautiful contrast within nature and technology, the analogue and the digital world, the wild untamed beasts, domesticated through illustration and sculpture. The artist’s work and themes bring out something from the depth of our consciousness, they come out and are shown on the mirror surfaces of the Wolf that reflects them back and lightens them up.