M.I.A. The Rizzoli Book Video Trailer

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M.I.A. is quite likely the most interesting and provocative singer, so I’m interested in getting a better glimpse into her creative process. Not only is her musical output singular in my opinion, but her visual language and potent graphic imagery is second to none — which is the exact focus of the 192-page compendium.

JR Reveals Art Project in DC

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French street artist JR revealed his latest piece of art in Washington, D.C. JR covered a building with Civil Rights photographer Ernest Wither’s image of the “I Am Man” demonstration.  

The Art Of Basketball

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A collection of NBA licensed artworks which taps a select group of leading graffiti and street artists to re-imagine the most iconic symbol of the game,  the official NBA backboard. The collection will be showcased in POP International in NYC for the entire month of October.

MVRDV: Book Mountain

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  MVRDV has  just unveiled a massive mountain of books in the Netherlands that is set within a new eco housing development. The project was 10 years in the making, and it’s designed to revive the center of Spijkenisse. Book Mountain is a monument to reading contained within a soaring glass pyramid that is visible… Read more »

Swizz Beatz speaks on the importance of art

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  Swizz Beatz is getting more and more into art these days. He explains why art is a bigger investment instead of jewelry and reveals that he sometimes offers advice to other hip-hop acts who want to collect: “Diddy will call me for a little advice on a painting,” Mr. Dean said. “He has a lot of amazing Peter… Read more »

Brooklyn Museum Presents Mickalene Thomas

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Mickalene Thomas’s Origin of the Universe is the first major solo museum exhibition for this highly acclaimed multi-media artist. The exhibit includes some of Thomas’ most notable decorative portrait paintings as well as a new body of work that explores landscapes and interiors. The exhibition also features a mural in the entrance way, a debut… Read more »

Ibis Hotel Introduces Sleep Art

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Ibis hotels will select a few guest to test a new kind of bedding connected to a robot. The sensors will capture the guests’ sleep data to turn it into a work of art. The mechanical arm will make a drawing based on the sleeper’s temperature, movements and noises. Waking up, the guests will discover… Read more »

Kahlil Joseph new film “Until The Quiet Comes”

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An extraordinary, disturbing, beautiful short film, set to the music of Flying Lotus’s new album Until The Quiet Comes, by the startlingly talented director Kahlil Joseph. It’s a bit morbid, and features some kind of life after death-type experience toward the end, yet, people seem to be unresponsive to the action the camera is filming…. Read more »

REƧƎƎИ: A Transformation of Visualisations

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Based on the work of renowned New York City-based photographer Jonathan Mannion, REƧƎƎИ: A Transformation of Visualisations  will unite the likes of Berlin-based artists Amine Bendriouich, Christian Awe, Conny Dreher, Ebon Heath, Good Wives and Warriors, Lukas Feireiss and Noelle for an interdisciplinary reinterpretation of Mannion’s pieces. Utilizing photography, fashion, paint, graphic design, typography, illustration and sculpture,… Read more »

TIKA Mural in Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia, was recently blessed with a large-scale mural designed by Swiss urban artist TIKA “Mrs. Wendal” was created during the Living Wall Conference  and serves in tribute to the Arrested Development song “Mr. Wendal” a track about the plight of the homeless.

Celebrity Portraits by WBK

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Work by Knight is an Australian artist who creates celebrity portraits from used computer keyboards and typewriters. By removing they keys and arranging the parts into mosaic patterns, Knight is able to design striking works staring Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, 2Pac, Dr Dre and more. Hit the thumbs to discover our favorite celebrity portraits designed by… Read more »