D E N A – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

D E N A, a Berlin popstar unlike any other, is the natural extension from this sudden turn of events. But rather than seemingly cuddling up next to trends, the Bulgarian-born, Berlin-residing singer is capable of turning hip-hop beats and R&B synths inside out, where they’re no longer recognisable to their former selves.

And best of all she spits tons of attitude, especially in the recent video for ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools’, which, while bereft of appeal to those who still aren’t able to use the word “swag” in everyday conversation, is resplendent in cool.

[pro-player width=’610′ height=’400′ autostart=’true’ type=’video’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4CDc9yCAqE[/pro-player]