Interview with Howard Gibson

Howard Gibson runs his own successful production, and post production facility from Atlanta, where he produces, and directs national commercials, and music videos.



Can you tell us a little more about your production company?

Its called HD Howard Gibson Production Studios. We have fifty acres and we have just started to building it. We have about 25,000 square feet of downstages and backlots. We are about to make Atlanta the Hollywood. I’m bringing the real Warner Brothers and Paramount atmosphere to Atlanta.


Can you tell us about your upcoming TV shows?

I have two show coming up. One is going to be on BET and the other on Aspire channel, GMC which is Magic Johnson’s network. Really can’t talk about them now, but we are shooting them next month. So look out! Big names are attached to them. Two sitcoms coming, so watch out!


How important is it to mentor the youth?

I was mentored about twenty years ago and if I did not get that mentorship from Debbie Island and Mildew I would not be here today. So I give back whenever I can. I have been working with the Studio 11 Project and helping them push forward. We have been producing all of there short films. HD Production came in and saw the vision so we gave them all the equipment that they needed.