Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Love

People on a blind date and longtime married couples alike are finding ways to date for less. In fact, having a frugal mindset could save money while helping you make a positive impression. Cheap and even free dates can be just as memorable, without taking a big chunk out of your paycheck or creating credit card debt. Check out some cheap date ideas hat she will love.


Wine Tasting: 

Knowing a woman’s preferred type of wine is very important.  As counter-intuitive as it may feel for those of us who see wasting alcohol as a mortal sin, make sure you use that spit bucket. You’re driving, you need to be responsible, and if you swallow every taste you’re not going to be fit to drive her home. You don’t have to spit every taste, but showcase some restraint. She’ll notice and appreciate it.


Going Bicycling and stopping for a picnic: 

Picnics are always at the top of everyone’s list for cheap and romantic dates. But mixing in a leisurely long bike ride can make a nice difference.


Pottery Painting :

Okay, you won’t exactly be able to reenact the scene from Ghost at a pottery shop, but you’ll be able to paint funky coffee mugs!