Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex Boo?

There is nothing more painful than a love story ending. No matter who gets dumped or dumps.
The question remains: Can you stay friends after a breakup?
To this, the answer is yes and no. It all depends on the context of the situation and direct or indirect ties between you and your ex.

  • If the break was painful, each of you need time to heal the wounds, eliminate the bitterness and relieve the pain. It would be a shame to want at all costs to keep in touch with the person who is at the center of your distress. Learn how to heal; to look at new opportunities, remains one of the best solutions.
  • In addition, try to resuscitate a flame that has died long ago, reconnect with someone who even the idea to mention your name gives him stomach burns, or who never respond to any messages you leave him, is an absolute waste of time. It would be preferable to turn the page, try to build a new life. There are wonderful things awaiting you.
  • However, if you have kids with your ex, keeping in touch becomes a necessity, kids need balance in their life. Both parents (even if they are separated) are essential for their upbringing.
  • If your break up is due to the fact that you do not feel anything for each other for some time, and by mutual agreement you’ve decided to put an end to your relationship, you can absolutely stay friends with your ex, but it is important that you both  keep your private life, private and avoid invading each other personal space.