Bridge Suspended by Helium-Filled Balloons

Tatton Park has been holding it’s Biennial contemporary art event since 2008. The event attracts celebrated artists to Cheshire from around the world. The current event explores the human urge to achieve flight and Tatton’s aeronautical history. The grounds of Tatton were used to train parachutists in WWII, and it is now on the flight path of Manchester Airport. The 17 new works feature sculpture, film, installation and performance.

French artist Olivier Grossetête has created a series of beautiful art. The fragile bridge is unreachable, it starts and ends in the water. It is suspended by three helium filled balloons, reminiscent of man’s first attempts at defying gravity and how flight was once fanciful. The ethereal balloon has a dream like quality, shaped like a winged head which looks towards another installation further around the island. The design was created using a mean average of the artist’s faces from biomedical facial scans. The data collected was used to produce a pattern for the face which was made in fabric. The piece sits in the formal gardens by the tranquil lakes of the Japanese Garden.