John Brosio’s Tornadoes and Twisters

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John Brosio a California painter and storm chaser, demonstrates the intense beauty and power of nature in his elegant collection of tornadoes and twisters. Brosio, who paints these Texas, California, and Oklahoma twisters is an artist who will make you appreciate the destructive yet beautiful terrors that in reality, tornadoes represent. Artist website

The Art Of Basketball

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A collection of NBA licensed artworks which taps a select group of leading graffiti and street artists to re-imagine the most iconic symbol of the game,  the official NBA backboard. The collection will be showcased in POP International in NYC for the entire month of October.

Brooklyn Museum Presents Mickalene Thomas

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Mickalene Thomas’s Origin of the Universe is the first major solo museum exhibition for this highly acclaimed multi-media artist. The exhibit includes some of Thomas’ most notable decorative portrait paintings as well as a new body of work that explores landscapes and interiors. The exhibition also features a mural in the entrance way, a debut… Read more »

Ibis Hotel Introduces Sleep Art

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Ibis hotels will select a few guest to test a new kind of bedding connected to a robot. The sensors will capture the guests’ sleep data to turn it into a work of art. The mechanical arm will make a drawing based on the sleeper’s temperature, movements and noises. Waking up, the guests will discover… Read more »

Artwork By Peter Clark

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Check out Peter Clark’s artwork that was on exhibit in NYC in Capetown at the South African National Gallery. Very good artist, love the colors.

The Everyman’s Guide to Collecting Art

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Art Basel has come and gone and so have my dreams of Hirst and Murakami inspired bacchanal revelry. I was motivated enough to start my art collection, but then I checked my bank balance and realized Cafe Americanos and taxis really do add up after a while. The plus side? A segment of the art… Read more »